Thursday, February 7, 2008

I have seen the future -- and it ROCKS!

The other day one of our publishing reps called. We purchase materials for our program from several publishers, but Pearson-Longman (or just Pearson ... or maybe Longman -- they keep using all three names in various materials, so how do I know which is right? Maybe it's the corporate version of being Jonathan, Jon and Johnny) --
-- at any rate, this publisher -- let's just call it Longman, for simplicity's sake -- is the one we use most, and the rep is terrific. She's a delightful woman, and really-truly-honest-to-goodness knows her product line, the audience and the subject to be covered. That's all too rare these days, in textbooks or almost any other subject, and I really enjoy a product presentation from someone who has done her homework. This lady is that kind of person.

So she came today with an educational consultant (another very charming person) to show me some new materials. I figured the meeting would take half an hour -- maybe 45 minutes.

Nope -- two solid hours. Normally I would have been checking the clock and, if necessary, inventing a meeting that I had to attend. But no, I was in the middle of a demonstration that made me both excited and apprehensive.
Excited, because I thought the product was OUTSTANDING and I really want us to have it for our program.
Apprehensive, because I've seen similar (but inferior) products from other vendors, and the cost of those was way beyond outrageous.

But NO!! It's affordable!! And doable!! I AM SO TOTALLY GEEKED ABOUT THIS!!
Hmmmm ... I have a PhD and what did I just say? That I'm "totally geeked". Now, really, Miss Tara ... is that very dignified? Harrumph.
Dignified or not, it's certainly the truth. I am totally geeked -- and also thrilled, excited, inspired, and breathlessly anticipatory about the new Longman Interactive (TM) software.

The package is amazingly well put together -- and it's affordable. I can hardly wait to start showing it to my instructors next week!!

Check it out: