Friday, June 27, 2008

Goodbye, Evelyn

I met Evelyn when I started with the College nearly 11 years ago as an ESL instructor. She was dedicated to her ESL students -- an imaginative and enthusiastic instructor. Students adored her. Her co-workers adored her. She was there with support, ideas, or just time to listen. We shared stories of our students -- funny stories, heartbreaking ones, frustrating tales and tales with happy endings.

Since starting the noncredit program, I hadn't had quite as much chance to see her until she taught for me this past fall at one of our community sites. It was grand to get to see her again and chat with her on a semi-regular basis. Life was an adventure, and she loved it. She was a joyous spirit who touched so many lives in so many wonderful ways.

And now she has left us.

In a tragic accident at their home, she and her husband passed away last week. We are shocked and sad -- and for all of us who knew her, there is now a little missing place in our hearts where her kindness and laughter always were.

Goodbye, Evelyn. We will miss you terribly.