Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ahhh ... our back yard

Ahhhh ... our back yard. The home of ...
 ... our little veggie garden (which will be bigger next year!)
 ... the mulberry trees (which produced many yummy mulberries this year)
 ... our little quiet place (pictured here)

 ... our very own woodchuck. (?!?!?!)
Yes, we appear to have ourselves a woodchuck. However, since he generally chucks weeds (that is, assuming "chuck" is another word for "eat") and not wood, we have named him Weedchuck. 

For some reason, I have always remembered a line from the old "Rhoda" sitcom, when the title character found herself dating a forest ranger: "I wanted a wild life. He gives me wildlife." 
Well, we never wanted a wild life. But we do seem to have wildlife. And frankly, I like that WAY better than a wild life. I love the life we have. 

As far as wildlife goes, the raccoon-and-pepper-spray story will have to keep for another day.