Thursday, August 28, 2008

Warm August night

Late August in Ohio.
It's not too hot, not too humid. It's windows-open weather. (OK, with a fan going, but still, the windows are open, so the cats and I are happy.)

It's been a lovely day, made lovelier by the fact that I had a vacation day today and therefore didn't go to work -- or anyplace else!!

The initial plan (sigh) was that Mom and I were going to go see Uncle John in Pennsylvania (Mom's younger brother), who is not well. Unfortunately, Mom ended up not feeling well enough to make the trip. There was a lot of disappointment from all sides, but that does seem to be the hand we're dealt on occasion.

So yesterday, today & tomorrow are vacation days without a *major* plan to go with them. (With the system we have at work, once you've put in leave paperwork, it's pretty much a done deal. I probably *could* have pulled the paperwork back before it was fully processed, but I had a pile of things I needed/wanted to do around the house, so I went ahead with it -- and I'm SO glad I did!)

Yesterday I ran a number of errands. Today I decided I was going to spend the day at home. Home, home, home. I haven't had a full day at home for over a month. So I was staying home. So there.

All this is leading up to the fact that the next few posts will be the result of the accomplishment of one of the projects that I've been wanting/waiting to do for a terribly long time -- I cleaned out my main file cabinet and the drawers full of papers and articles and notes waiting to be organized, sorted, filed and/or recycled. (Quite a bit is ready for recycling this evening. That is part of tomorrow's projects ... or maybe Saturday's.)