Monday, December 29, 2008

Update on Mohamed

I just checked up on the latest about Mohamed. I stopped at his store on my way home from work & spoke to his son, who broke his hand trying to jump over the counter to catch the ... individual. (It's hard to come up with a printable term for someone who would do such a thing.) The docs haven't been able to remove the bullet from Mohamed yet because it's lodged so close to the spine. As of now, Mohamed can't move his legs. It's going to take an MRI to find out if it's just *near* the spinal cord or *in* it. That will determine a lot. But right now they are trying to keep him still to see if the fluid buildup will drop so they can safely move him just to do the MRI.

Ihab (the son) is still totally shell-shocked. He said he'd be closing early tonight; I hope the flow of well-wishers slows enough so he can actually do it. Derek's going to go over there tomorrow to keep him company and help him out, since Ihab's trying to run the place alone, which isn't safe at the best of times, and certainly not a great idea when one is worried, nervous and unable to use one's right hand.