Monday, January 19, 2009

A dream

I guess it's rather appropriate for me to post this today, but the night before last I had a dream that was very happy and very realistic (by which I mean that it felt real at the time, as opposed to the kind of dream where the dreamer finds herself thinking, "Gosh, what a weird dream this is.")

In this dream, I was with a group of people visiting post-war Mogadishu, Somalia ... sometime in the future, obviously.

It was hot and dry, and there were still a lot of scars left on the city from the war. Many parts hadn't yet been rebuilt. Some roads still had holes in them from bombs. But there was a government, and that government trying very hard to recreate an economy from the rubble of years of war.

I was with a group, and we were staying at some kind of hostel, until I ran into a Somali friend who insisted that we stay with him at his apartment. So we went with him, and on the way to his place (which was very beautiful) I saw street vendors selling everything from shoes to pastries, and a couple of shops that were actually air-conditioned.

The country was pulling itself back up from years upon years of anarchy, and it was making great strides toward doing so.

It was -- and is -- a lovely dream. I would so much love to see it come true.