Sunday, January 11, 2009

Help from IT (?)

I ran across this in my Gmail archive. It's from May of 2006:

A couple (REALLY-TRULY-TRUE!) bits of amusement from our move to the new building --

Tom from IT: Scott, I need you to come with me to let me know where you want your computer locked down.

Scott: I put the X down with masking tape where I want it like Thelma told us to.

Tom: Well, it can't go there. There's no network connection on that side. Actually, there's only one place on your desk it can go.

Scott: How about you put it there?

* * * * *

John from IT moved my computer and then told me there was a problem because there was no power in my office. I said, "Funny, I had the radio and the fan on earlier."

John: Well, there's no power on this side.

Me: But the printer light is on.

John: (After checking for a loose connection) Oh, I see. You don't have a monitor power cable.

Me: I had one in the old office.

John: It's gone. We'll need to get you a new one. But your computer's ready to go otherwise.

(Mind you, we moved just across the alley -- and the cable was NOT in my old office..)

(And just how do I use the computer without the monitor??)

Tom brought me a new cable, hooked everything up and I sat down to check my e-mail and get off my feet for a little while. (Unpacking is hard work, especially when it's all files & books!)

I noticed the end of a power cable hanging out of the rat's nest of cables behind my computer. Sure enough ... it was the old monitor cable, just tangled in with the cables, not attached to anything at all. It had been there all along, and two (count 'em!) IT guys missed it.