Sunday, January 18, 2009

My winter coat

It was 15 degrees below zero here the other morning, so I finally pulled my winter coat out of storage (i.e., the grocery bag where it had been stuffed, awaiting some badly-needed mending, particularly a new lining).

At this point I said to myself, "Lining, shmining! It's cold out there!"

So I tossed the coat in a Dryel™ bag and half an hour later, it looked just fine (unless one looked at the lining, which still looked as if it had been chewed by a puppy).

However, there was a bit of a problem.

Y'see, this coat is now 15 years old. (This explains, I hope, the problems with the lining. I've mended and patched this poor little fella more times than I can count over the years.)


It's light as air and down-filled, so it's WAAARRRRMMMM.

But the snaps had stopped snapping below my waist.

Clearly, the coat had shrunk while it was in the bag.

Mom explained to me that when garments are kept in the dark for a period of time, they shrink. Oddly, that is the same time when hangers procreate. It's good to have this kind of information.


Fortunately, Mom & I were able to dig up appropriate buttons, sew on loops and make the coat usable through the rest of the winter.

The painful part will come when it gets warm out, and coats go on sale, at which time I will have to consider the possibility that it's time … for … a … new … coat.

A new winter coat every 15 years? That's not too bad, is it?