Sunday, May 10, 2009

While cleaning my home office...

... I've been finding some interesting bits I'd collected and misplaced (along with a lot of stuff for the recycle bin).

For example, there are these gems from my ESL 100 class in Spring 2005:

"I have a fear of height; as a result, I scare the high buildings."
       (It's probably best to get the jump on them by scaring them first, huh?)

"Don't forget to off your oven during the night."
       (I know he meant "turn off" ... but I get this mental picture of a gangland stove-slaying.)

"Did you ever been in war? Did you ever been in dungarees? I aske these qustion because I been in a lot of tragic setuation in my life."
       (I'm not at all sure what he meant by dungarees here. Dungeon? Danger? I don't *think* he considered blue jeans to be a form of punishment ... but I could be wrong.)