Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome Back - Spring 2010

Once again I am working the Welcome Back table in the lobby of our building for two hours each day for the first three days of the quarter. Most of the questions are the usual (below), with the following as the winner to date (and quite possibly the winner EVER) --

"If I get on the elevator and I want to go up, what button do I push?"

As far as the other questions, here's how they sort out so far (after 2 days):

  • Where is the Noncredit Registration Office? 3 (It opens onto the lobby and has orange letters a foot tall above the door to identify it.)
  • Where is Room ##? / What floor is Room ## on? How do I get to Room ##? 109
  • Is there a student computer lab in this building? 3 (Answer = no.)
  • How do I get a temporary parking pass? 5
  • How do I get a student ID? 1
  • Where can I buy ... books / calculator...? 1
  • Where is a vending machine? 1
  • How do I get to the basement? 1
  • Where is the restroom? 6
  • Can you check my schedule for what room I'm supposed to go to? 7
Not bad so far.