Sunday, May 2, 2010

HOW many e-mails?

As I was going through the daily virtual mountain of e-mails at work a little while back, it occurred to me to start tallying the number of them I receive in a day. Fortunately, only a few leak through the spam filter, and often I have to look at those to be sure they aren't actually something from a student. 

I'm counting the spam and ads as well, because they take the same amount of time as if they were paper junk mail coming into my actual mailbox. It's only a couple of seconds, but it does add up.

For the month of April, I received 890 e-mails on my work account. This comes out to 40.5 for every work day. 

I think I'll start doing the same thing with my personal e-mail as well -- just to see what I find out.