Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome Back - Summer 2010

I worked a double-shift (8:00 - 12:00 ... FOUR straight hours!) at the Welcome Back Table in the lobby of our building today. Here's the tally of the first-day's questions:

127 - Where is my classroom? / Where is room #...? / Where is building ___?
22 - Need temporary parking pass
9 – Location of restroom
8 - Check schedule (2 of these students were actually here on the wrong day)
4 – Questions about room changes
3 – How do I get to the third floor by the stairs? (NOT a silly question. The main staircase leads into offices at the third floor, so the door is kept locked to keep students out of the office area. There are signs that tell students this, but the signs are small and easy to miss.)
3 – Where do I go to register? (In that office you just walked past, with the foot-tall orange letters that read “Non-Credit Registration”)
3 – Location of bookstore
3 – Need program information
3 – Location of person or program office
2 – Is there a student computer lab in this building? (No, there isn’t.)
2 – Can I apply for jobs here? (Name of building led them to think this was an employment agency)
1 – Where is a close parking lot?
1 – Where to get a student ID
1 – Location of Financial Aid
1 – Location of Cashier’s Office
1 – Location of phone
1 – Location of somewhere to eat
1 – Need name of street
1 – What is this building for?
1 – Vending machine not working
1 – Is this the WD building? (Yes, it is.)