Monday, April 9, 2012

Not fair!

Every term we have the Basic English students complete evaluation forms for their classes. Since the standard College forms are too complex in language and aren’t always relevant to the Basic English curriculum, I created forms that were more responsive to our needs.

One of the questions on the revised form was, “Was your teacher fair?”

Well, that had to be changed after we discovered that some of the students thought that “fair” meant “light in color”.

Next we tried, “Did your teacher treat all the students fairly?”

We’ve now learned that (sigh) we’re going to have to change that as well, as we’re getting too many negative responses, and have finally discovered that the students are looking up “fair” and going with the definition of “not very good”. Just too many possible meanings for one word!

Our next instructor meeting is Thursday. I’m sure if the weather’s fair and we get a fair number of instructors who come to the meeting rather than going to the fair, we’ll have a fair chance of coming up with something that’s ... better.