Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I found this the other day -- from 2005

Some more quotes from my ESL 100 class this term (It's nearly the end of the quarter, so this is likely about the last of these until the next time I teach the class — which will probably be next spring) —  ( Of course, I haven't graded their final exams yet, so there's still hope for some more!! )


" … [I am ] writing a book about the "Gate of Salivation" …"

[ I haven't asked him, but I'm pretty confident that the last word in that quote should be "salvation".  I'm not looking forward to having to explain the difference. ]



" (He) advised them strongly not to be extremists of prouding the ethnicity…"

         [ It's not exactly standard English, but the sentiment is great! ]


Great new word:                  neighboors        

         [ And haven't we all had at least one neighBOOR?? ]

One should proofread one's resume

Header from a resume I received yesterday --


Ethiopian cooking ... of a sort

From a placement test:

“It is very a delicious food which is made from cheeken and different spacy souces. It is not like eating spacy wings ... This food it is not like eating cheekens.”

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Day Without Cats? I don't think so!

Some foolish websites have tried to put forth the idea that cats rule the Internet (OK, that part's true) and that today, 9/9/09, should be "cat-free" on the Internet.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Disruptive student

For the first time in the nine years of the Basic English program, we had to have a disruptive student actually removed from class by Public Safety.

It was not a hard decision, but it was a distressing one. He was upsetting and scaring other students. One of the students came to my office to tell me about it and to let me know that she was completely “pissed up” by him.

Sure, there have been some discipline problems before, but they’ve been pretty minor. Sometimes an instructor needs to have a student leave for the day and come back only after an apology. That’s been the worst we’ve had … until now.

After nearly 10,000 students, I guess one Public Safety call is actually pretty good. I just hope the student learns how to function in class in the future – but it won’t be in our program.

Of course, as with so many unfortunate situations, there is one amusing aspect. When he met with our student conduct department, he talked (apparently at great length) about the fact that he fought against any situation that was wrong; in fact, he revolted against such things. As he said more than once, "I a revolting man."

I shouldn't find that funny.
But I'm afraid I do.