Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome Back Winter 2010

I worked the Welcome Back table in the lobby of our building for the first three days of the quarter from 8-10 a.m. My tally of the number of questions from those 6 hours (I don't have any info on the rest of the days) --

Where is my class room? Where is [X] building? 173
Where is the new employee orientation? 4
How do I get on the internet? 1
I need to know my schedule. 5
Where do I buy books? 1
Where is the restroom? 4
I need a temporary parking pass. 11
Where is a change machine? 2
Where is a vending machine? 2
Where is a public phone? 1
Other information needed. 2

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A career in politics, possibly?

"And when I came to this country I can have any good job because I don't have good education."

Everyone wants to be a rick

"In this world everybody dream about different things like money, house, cars and being a rick."

And another one about children

Again, from an ESL student essay:

"Human being is in he process of growth and development. This process is inevitable. Our children are the victim of this process."

I have no idea what the writer meant

From an ESL student essay:

"In some circumstances the couples are responsible for the other's mistake. Children are good example here."

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kitchen problems & attendance (from a student essay)

In response to a prompt about explaining to the teacher why one couldn't come to class:

I no can’t go to class tomorrow because my stove is no work.

I no’t class tomorrow because my sink is broken.

Dreams (from a placement test essay)

People keep dreaming and thinking of their own dreams and do their best inorder to fullfil there dreams and make them true and so to reach their gaol, but in some cases these dreams are broken and will not come true, thus people get disappointed and their lifes is screwed.